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Figure 1.3 shows a rough wireframe of a Website that was created in minutes. This
tool allows functional and rough conceptual issues to be separated from the
detailed, more precise designs that should come later.
Figure 1.4 shows a medium-fidelity wireframe that evolved from the rough
wireframe shown in Figure 1.3. The design of a medium-fidelity wireframe can help
establish a visual design direction. It can also show a more evolved concept that
includes interaction. As a result, stakeholders get a better idea of the design
commitment without your prototyping a finished product.
Figure 1.5 shows a similar design to the previous two figures but with higher visual
and content fidelity, to serve as the specification.
Paper Prototypes
A paper prototype is an interactive prototype that consists of a paper mockup of the
user interface. The interface represents a fully functional interface that allows you to
Figure 1.3.
A screen from a rough
wireframe of a
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