Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
of the Excel template. A template can contain all the elements you need to make a
prototype, with worksheets that are already built to your site specifications and
layout grid for such things as
n Font styles
n Colors
n Graphics
n Icons
n Web widgets
n Input boxes
This all might sound too easy; it is if you think that you don't have to spend time
creating these things yourself. With the methods you will learn from this topic,
setting up the template becomes simple. As a bonus, you can download templates
already created for you to help you get started. Visit our Website at to get some ideas of what's available.
Our Goal
Our goal in writing this topic is for you to discover that Excel is as easy, productive,
and flexible a prototyping tool as any that's available. So that you can try it yourself
and see its potential, we show you how to use the features in Excel by beginning
with a quick demonstration. Then we provide more detail to give you a working
knowledge of all the features that you will need to build a prototype using Excel.
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