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Examples of Excel Prototypes
You need a quick and easy way to create prototypes. The prototyping tool should
make credible-looking prototypes in variable degrees of fidelity. The tool should allow
varying degrees of interactivity appropriate to your prototyping goals but not require
you to code extensively. The ideal tool would also leverage skills that you already have
so that you do not need to learn anything new. And the truly ideal tool would already
be on your computer—for example, Microsoft Excel.
Look at the examples that follow (Figures 2.1–2.4, pages 20–21). These prototypes
look as though they were made in a graphics tool, not a spreadsheet application.
These prototypes were made possible by users learning to think of Excel as a
graphics-based design tool rather than an application for spreadsheet calculations.
After you make that mental leap, you will use styles, copy and paste, and drag
and drop to unlock a new, very powerful prototyping tool.
How to Create Your First Excel Prototype
Let's assume that you are in a deadline situation. You have only 30 minutes in
which to create a digital prototype to demonstrate a software concept at a design
meeting with a couple of software engineers. The Excel prototype is based on a
rough paper sketch that you have worked out with the product manager
(Figure 2.5, page 22).
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