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9. Click OK.
10. In cell B6, type in the name of the site: TravelGenie .
11. With the cell selected, click the Bold button (Figure 2.11).
To Add a Search Text Entry Box and Accompanying Search
1. Click the boxes and buttons worksheet tab.
2. Select the entire text entry box (1) in row 17 (Figure 2.12).
3. With the box still selected, copy the box.
4. Return to the Hotel Page tab and select the cell that is two cells to the right of
the TravelGenie text that you have just entered.
5. Paste the text entry box into position (Figure 2.13, page 26).
6. Return to the boxes and buttons worksheet and select the Search button.
7. Copy the Search button; then paste it to the right of the text entry box
(Figure 2.14, page 26).
Figure 2.11.
Bolding the label
Figure 2.12.
The text entry box (1)
selected for copying.
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