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7. In the cell directly above the finished combo box, type in the label Country ;
then make the text bold (Figure 2.21).
8. Referring to Figure 2.5, use the same method to create the remainder of the
text entry and combo boxes, labels, and entered text (boxes 3
Be sure to leave space for the text labels above each input box.
9. Copy the Search Hotels button (7) and paste it into position (see Figure 2.22,
page 30).
To Create a Grouping Box Around the Hotel Finder Area:
1. Select all the cells that encompass the Hotel Finder area.
2. Right-click in the selected area and choose Format Cells from the menu.
3. In the Format Cells dialog box, click the Border tab.
4. Select the one-point black line style, and click the Outline icon (Figure 2.23,
page 30).
An outline appears around the Hotel Finder grouping box (Figure 2.24, page 31).
Figure 2.21.
Combo box label text
added above the combo
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