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Figure 2.24.
A surrounding border
added to the Hotel
Finder area.
2. Click in the worksheet to the right of the Hotel Finder area and drag a
rectangle shape (Figure 2.25, page 32).
3. Right-click the border of the rectangle that you just created and select Format
AutoShape from the menu.
4. In the dialog box that appears, select a fill color of gray; then select the No
Line color attribute (Figure 2.26, page 32).
5. To make the remaining image boxes, copy the one you just created; then
paste it two times so that the boxes align vertically (Figure 2.27, page 33).
To Create the Placeholder Descriptive Text:
1. In the image library worksheet, copy the desired preformatted text and paste
it in place to the right of the top placeholder box.
2. Paste two more copies of the text aligned vertically under the top placeholder
text and aligned horizontally to the right of the placeholder images they are
associated with (Figure 2.28, page 33).
To Create the Placeholder Promotional Information Area:
1. Select the Rectangle drawing tool again and draw a box for the promotional
information area to the right of the Featured Hotels area.
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