Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Figure 2.30.
A finished Excel
prototype design.
You have learned the first steps to becoming a successful Excel prototyper.
Following similar steps in subsequent chapters will make you an even more accomplished
Excel prototyper. You can start with a template, follow the step-by-step instructions,
and learn both basic and advanced techniques of prototyping.
A Note About Excel
There are many spreadsheet applications now available in the marketplace. Aside
from the dominant application, Microsoft Excel, other similar spreadsheet
applications are now available for prototyping: Apple’s Numbers, OpenOffice’s Spreadsheet,
and Google’s Trixely. All these programs can do much the same thing in varying
degrees; you only need to learn the different command structures and functions.
Although we chose Excel due to its current pervasiveness, we do not necessarily
recommend or endorse Excel to the exclusion of another spreadsheet application that
you might already know. To use another product to achieve the same results, you
might need to make a table that translates the Excel commands and functions
portrayed in this topic to those of your spreadsheet program. If you do make a
translation table, we invite you to share it within the Effective Prototyping community by
posting it to our book’s Website:
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