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This how-to style instructional book was inspired by our experience using Microsoft
Excel as a rapid prototyping tool, a technique that was pioneered by former
PeopleSoft engineer Mark Miller. (See Appendix B for more about our story on the
discovery of Excel prototyping.) All
the authors worked at PeopleSoft,
in varying
capacities, during the period from 2003
2005. We quickly saw the value of this
unique use of Excel and proceeded to evolve the techniques from a simple tool
to the robust rapid prototyping environment discussed in upcoming chapters. We
were so excited about our discovery that we wanted to evangelize it by offering
tutorials and writing this topic. We decided that the best way to demonstrate
how to use Excel is through practical examples of prototyping methods.
Each chapter will follow roughly this organization: what you will learn, introduction,
how-to exercises, and summary. Each chapter begins with a brief list of what you
will learn in the chapter, followed by a short introduction to the prototyping
principles covered which will serve as the framework for the how-to examples. After the
brief introduction, the body of the chapter focuses on a procedural, step-by-step
instruction on how to perform the prototyping activity with Excel. The procedures
are based on a case study scenario illustrated with supporting visual examples. Each
chapter closes with a summary that is meant to wrap up the chapter as well as give
you a hint of what to expect in the next chapter.
Excel has many redundant commands and ways to accomplish the various
prototyping procedures.
If there is an alternative way we know about, we will call
out in tips and notes, each clearly marked in a shaded box.
How to Use This topic
This topic is structured and paced to guide you from an initial overview of Excel
prototyping to presentations of more and more specific techniques of Excel
prototyping. Accompanying each chapter are relevant principles of Excel prototyping
that will become the structure from which we will describe the how-to techniques.
Three different prototyping methods are used to demonstrate Excel prototyping
through how-to procedures:
storyboards, wireframes, and digital
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