Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
You'll find that the procedures build on each other as you progress through the
book. However, if you are already an Excel expert and familiar with many of its
functions and techniques, you can skip through many of the procedures you already
know and concentrate on the new parts that make prototyping in Excel come alive
for you.
The examples and procedures in this topic are based on Excel in Microsoft Office
2002 on Windows XP. You might need to adapt to the version of Excel on your
How to Use the Associated Files
Although this topic is a standalone how-to guide, it is accompanied by a set of
templates and sample content, which can be found on our Website:
You can download all the files in a single compressed archive from Enter the user name excel and the
password elsevier.
We suggest that you download the files now so that they're available as you work
through the topic. As you begin each chapter, you might find it convenient to open
the associated files for easy reference.
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