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In Depth Information
In this chapter you will learn how to create a prototyping template that includes
n Images and graphics
n Boxes and buttons
n Tab components
n Color key and palette
n Tips and tricks
n Table template
n Prototype starter worksheets
A template comprises worksheets in a special Excel workbook. The template
contains user interface elements and useful information that you can use over and over
as you build prototypes. By using a template as part of your prototyping practice,
you have most of the prototyping building blocks you need available in one
The template facilitates collaboration with your team and stakeholders by enabling
anyone who has the file to continue with the work that you started. Because the
template is built from the canvas worksheet that you already set up, it has default
specifications already integrated into the workbook. As you go through the process
of building these template worksheets, you will gain a better understanding of how
to use Excel for prototyping.
The Image Library
Nearly any prototype that you build will require some graphic elements. For
example, you might need
n Logos
n Icons
n Buttons
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