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but it is a place to keep the ones you think you will regularly use. In our experience
at PeopleSoft and SAP, we found that only a small percentage of all the available
graphics was needed to prototype most of the designs. Because the size of your
workbook file could become large and cumbersome, take care not to accumulate
too many graphics. Too many graphics could slow down your work and make your
prototype less readily transportable. As you work on your project and find you need
more graphics, you can always add them to the template as you evolve your
Finding the Images You Need
Where can you find the images to put in your template? You have a few
n Find appropriate graphics on another Website or application (paying
appropriate attention to copyright issues).
n If you are working in a company that has a design or art department, it will
often have an image library that you can use.
n Create them yourself.
For some very simple graphics, Excel and other office applications have clip art
that you can use.
When to Use Graphics Instead of Widgets Built in Excel
In subsequent chapters you will learn to build some widgets directly in Excel. How
do you decide whether you should make your own each time in Excel or to save a
graphic into your image library? Images that are specific to your site, such as logos,
icons, or nonstandard buttons, would be good candidates for inclusion in the
library. Parts of standard widgets that you will use all the time, such as the down
arrow for a pull-down menu, are good to have available, and you can copy those
directly from our templates.
Use the right level of fidelity in your prototypes. Not every prototype needs to be
pixel-perfect. For example, is it important to have an exact copy of a Save button
in a wireframe? Or is a generic Save button built with table cells in Excel good
enough? See “Creating the boxes & buttons worksheet” below. The benefit of table
cell buttons built in Excel is that you can change the text in the button at will,
whereas you cannot change a static graphic button in Excel.
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