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You will find a file of images on our Website for your use in building an image
Save the file where you can access it easily while using this topic.
To Create the Image Library
1. Open the Excel Canvas file that you created and saved earlier.
2. Right-click the Canvas worksheet tab and select Move or Copy (Figure 4.2).
3. In the Before sheet list in the Move or Copy dialog box, select (move to end)
and select Create a copy; then click OK (Figure 4.3).
4. With the new tab selected, right-click and choose Rename.
5. With the tab text highlighted, type in Image Library (Figure 4.4).
Now that you have your Image Library worksheet, we'll show you how to add
graphics to it.
To Add Graphics to the Template:
1. From the Draw toolbar, click Insert Picture From File (Figure 4.5).
Alternatively, choose Insert > Picture and click From File.
2. Browse to where you saved the sample graphics file, exp.xls.
3. Select the graphic called exp_graphic1.gif; then click Insert. The inserted
graphic will appear highlighted on the Image Library worksheet.
4. Do the same for graphics labeled 2
Figure 4.2.
Select function Move
or Copy.
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