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Figure 4.7.
Selecting a canvas area
to place a combo box.
14. Click your Image Library tab and find the gray box with the down arrow that
you copied into the library previously. Right-click the graphic and choose
Copy (Figure 4.14, page 64).
15. Return to the boxes and buttons worksheet and highlight the cell at the
right end of the box that you just created. Paste the down arrow into
the table cell (Figure 4.15, page 64).
You just created a combo box control (Figure 4.16, page 65).
To provide a range of boxes, repeat this process with different dimensions to create
different variations and kinds of boxes (Figure 4.17, page 65).
The buttons you create are also very simple in design. They might not look like the
buttons you will end up using on your site, but they will express the idea of a
button you'll need for a prototype.
When you built the input boxes, you created a widget that looked like it was inset.
To create buttons, you will make a box that looks raised, as though you could
click it.
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