Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Figure 4.16.
Example of a combo
box control.
Figure 4.17.
Examples of various
text boxes and text
box-related controls.
To Create Straight Tabs:
1. Using your cursor, highlight nine table cells in a single row. This tab will
represent the selected tab in the row of tabs you are creating.
2. With the cells still highlighted, right-click and choose Format Cells, then
choose Patterns, select the dark teal color (Figure 4.26, page 71) and click OK.
3. In the same way that you inserted text in the button in the previous section,
highlight the cell in the center of the tab. Type in Example Tab (Figure 4.27,
page 71).
4. While you have the text highlighted in the Format Text toolbar, choose the
Center Text icon. Then choose Bold and select white for the text color
(Figure 4.28, page 72).
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