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Figure 4.25.
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Color Management
The Excel color palette lets you customize a palette for your specific needs and
manage these palettes among your various prototypes. The default standard color
palette has 50 colors (Figure 4.38, page 74).
You do not have to use only the colors that come with the default palette; you can
create your own new custom colors.
To Create a New Color:
1. Click Tools > Options to open the Options dialog box.
2. Click the Color tab. The default palette opens.
3. Select a color that you want to customize; then click the Modify button.
You can choose a new color from a larger color palette or a palette that is made up of
white, black, and gray tones. Once you've settled on a new color, you can click OK and
the new color will replace the color you initially selected (Figure 4.39, page 75).
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