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Figure 4.39.
Selecting a new color
from the standard Excel
color palette.
Excel uses some default colors that you should not alter. Changing these colors
might give you some unexpected results. If you change the blue that is used as
the hyperlink color and the maroon (circled in figure) that is used for the visited
hyperlink, Excel will use the colors that you changed them to. That might be what
you want if the links in your design are not standard and you want them to be a
different color by default; otherwise, they could cause unintended color changes
(Figure 4.41, page 76).
The custom palette that you create will be saved in the workbook file. If you copy a
prototype screen from this file into another workbook that is using the default
palette or that uses a different custom palette, the colors in the copied workbook will
change to those of the host workbook—which might cause some odd visual results.
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