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Figure 4.42.
Copying a color palette
from one Excel
workbook to another.
The Color Key and Palette
The color key worksheet (Figure 4.43, page 78) serves as a color specification guide
for anyone who is working on the prototype. You can create a custom palette, and
all your collaborators will know exactly what colors should be used for what purpose.
The color key worksheet includes a screen capture of the custom color palette that
you created, along with a numbered key that shows each of the different colors in
use on a typical prototype screen. You can build this worksheet with any elements
that you need to communicate your color palette. A high-fidelity prototype might
include a detailed color worksheet, whereas a wireframe prototype that focuses
on information architecture and is generally devoid of color might not need a color
worksheet at all.
The Tips and Tricks Worksheet
Like the color palette worksheet, a tips and tricks worksheet (Figure 4.44, page 78)
for your template will be primarily instructional. Tips and tricks would be a good
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