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place to pass on any information that is specific to building a particular design or to
include instructions about your process. It's an ideal way to bring your project
collaborators up to speed on how to best use this prototyping template.
The Table Template Worksheet
In building prototypes, you might find yourself repeatedly creating tables. The
ability to create tables is one of Excel's best features for prototyping. You will be able to
describe complex tables, build them very quickly, edit them, and copy and paste
them into other worksheets.
You can create a table using patterns, text, and borders. You can
n Paste a table header onto a worksheet
n Change the text
n Paste column dividers
n Add text and widgets into the table
n Configure the spacing between rows
In these examples, the table is made up of a header, a subheader, and table rows.
The rows in the table are built using alternating light and dark colors with a
onepixel white line between each row and column. Let's look at how to create the
tables shown in Figures 4.45 and 4.46 (page 80).
Figure 4.45.
Example of a table built
in Excel.
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