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Figure 4.46.
Example of a table built
in Excel.
Creating the Table Template
Three rows are dedicated for each table row of one color. Look closely at the
examples of the table in Figure 4.47. You will see that each table row is three worksheet
rows deep, but two of the three rows are much shorter than the middle row. The
middle row is for the content, whether it is text or a widget, such as a combo
box. The reason for these added rows is twofold:
n For adequate spacing above and below your text and widgets
n To prevent distortion of your pasted graphics
The next part of the worksheet is made up of the vertical sections of the table.
These are built similarly to the rows but have a vertical line and text that will be
copied and pasted into the subheader row.
To Build a Table:
1. Create a new prototype screen from a canvas worksheet and call it Sample
Table .
2. From the Tables worksheet in the provided sample template file, highlight and
copy the header
into the new worksheet along with all
three rows
(Figure 4.48).
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