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Tutorial C: Building a Decision Support System in Excel
Because cell C35 does not contain a value yet, Excel assumes that the empty cell has a numerical value
of 0. When you put a formula in cell C35 later, cell C12 will echo the resulting answer. Because Net Income
after Taxes (Expansion) for 2013 (cell D35) and its corresponding cell in Summary of Key Results (cell D12)
are both directly to the right of the values for 2012, you can either type =D35 into cell D12 or copy cell C12
to D12. To perform the copy operation:
1. Click in the cell or range of cells you want to copy.
2. Hold down the Control key and press C (Ctrl+C).
3. A marquee (a moving dashed box) should now be animated over the cells selected for copying.
4. Select your destination cell or range of cells.
5. Hold down the Control key and press V (Ctrl+V). Cell D12 should now contain $0, but actually it has a
reference to cell D35. Click cell D12 and look again at the editing window; it should display =D35.
Cells C14, C15, D14, and D15 represent Net Income after Taxes and End-of-year Cash on Hand for both
years of No Expansion; these cells are mirrors of cells C44, C45, D44, and D45 in the last section. Select cell
C14, type =C44, and press Enter. Select cell C14 again, use the Copy command, and paste the contents into
cell D14 (see Figure C-4).
Copying the formula from cell C14 to cell D14
Because Excel uses relative cell references by default, copying cell C14 into cell D14 will copy and paste
the contents of cell D44 (the cell adjacent to C44) into cell D14. See Figure C-5.
Formula from cell D44 pasted into cell D14
Use the Copy command again, this time downward from cells C14 and D14, to complete cells C15 and D15. If
you are successful, the formula in the editing window for cell C15 will be
You will create the formulas for the two Calculations sections last because they are the hardest formulas.
Next, you will create the formulas for the two Income and Cash Flow Statements sections; all the cells in
these two sections should be formatted as Currency with zero decimal places.
and cell D15 will display
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