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Tutorial C: Building a Decision Support System in Excel
As shown in Figure C-6, the Beginning-of-year Cash on Hand for 2012 is the End-of-year Cash on Hand for
2011. In cell C29, type =B36. A handy shortcut is to type the
sign, immediately move your mouse pointer
to the cell you want to designate, and then click the left mouse button. Excel will enter the cell location into the
formula for you. This shortcut is especially useful if you want to avoid making a typing error.
End-of-year Cash on Hand for 2011 copied to Beginning-of-year Cash on Hand for 2012
Likewise, copy the other three End-of-year Cash on Hand cells to the Beginning-of-year Cash on Hand
cells for both Income and Cash Flow Statements (cells D29, C39, and D39).
The Sales (Revenue) cells C30, D30, C40, and D40 are simply copies of the contents of cells C18, D18,
C24, and D24, respectively, from the Calculations sections (both Expansion and No Expansion). Use the
shortcut method to copy these cells. Note that all four cells will display $0 until you enter the formulas in the
Calculations sections (see Figure C-7).
Sales Revenue cells copied from the Calculations sections
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