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Tutorial C: Building a Decision Support System in Excel
cell C45, which is =C39+C44. However, you can copy cell C45 to cell D45 to finish the Income and Cash
Flow Statements sections. The completed sections should look like Figure C-14.
The completed Income and Cash Flow Statements sections
Filling in the
To finish the spreadsheet, you will enter values in the Inputs section and write the formulas in both
Calculations sections.
In cell C8, enter an R for Recession, and in cell C9, enter H for High Inflation. You could enter any values
here, but these two values will work with the IF functions you will write later. Recall that you did not use
separate inputs for 2012 and 2013. You are assuming that the economic outlook or inflation rate that exists
for 2012 will extend into 2013. However, because you are using the same inputs from these two locations, you
must remember to use absolute cell references to both cells C8 and C9 in the various IF statements if you
want to use a Copy command for adjacent cells. Your Inputs section should look like the one in Figure C-15.
The Inputs section with values entered in cells C8 and C9
Remember that you referred to cell addresses in both Calculations sections in your formulas in the
Income and Cash Flow Statements sections. Now you will enter formulas for these calculations. If necessary,
format the four Total Sales Dollars cells and the four Cost of Goods Sold cells in the Calculations sections as
Currency with no decimal places.
As described at the beginning of the tutorial, the forecast for Total Sales Dollars is a function of both the
Economic Outlook and whether you expand the business. The following table lists the predicted sales growth
Sales Growth Forecast—Collegetown Thrift Shop
Business Expansion
No Business Expansion
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