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Scenario Summary dialog box with Result cells entered
Another good reason for having a Summary of Key Results section is that it provides a contiguous range
of cells to define for summary output. However, if you want to add output from other cells in the spreadsheet,
simply separate each cell or range of cells in the dialog box with a comma. Next, click OK. Excel runs each
set of inputs in the background, collects the results from the result cells, and then creates a new sheet called
Scenario Summary (the name on the sheet
s lower tab), as shown in Figure C-26.
Scenario Summary sheet created by Scenario Manager
As you can see, the output created by the Scenario Summary sheet is not formatted for easy reading.
You do not know which results are the net income and cash on hand, and you do not know which results are
for Expansion vs. No Expansion because Scenario Manager only listed the cell addresses. Scenario Manager
also listed a separate column (column D) for the current input values in the spreadsheet, which are the same
as the values in column E. It also left a blank column (column A) in the spreadsheet.
Fortunately, it is fairly easy to format the output. Delete columns D and A, put in the labels for cell
addresses in the new column A, and then retitle the Scenario Summary as Collegetown Thrift Shop Financial
Forecast, End of Year 2013 (because you are only looking at Year 2013 results). You can also make the
results columns narrower by breaking the column headings into two lines; place your cursor in the editing
window where you want to break the words, and then press Alt+Enter. Add a heading for column B (Cell
Address). Finally, merge and center the title, and center the column headings and the input cell values (R, B,
H, and L). Leave your financial data right-justified to keep the numbers lined up correctly. Finally, put some
border boxes around each column of results. Figure C-27 shows a formatted Scenario Summary worksheet.
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