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Deleting unwanted worksheets
Charting Summary Sheet Data
You can easily chart Summary Sheet results using the Charts group in the Insert tab, as discussed in Tutorial E.
Figure C-31 shows a clustered column chart prepared from the data in the Scenario Summary for 2013. Charts
are useful for showing a visual comparison of financial results depending on economic conditions. As the chart
shows, the best economic climate for the thrift shop is a Recession with Low Inflation.
Thrift Shop Financial Forecast–2013
RecessionHigh Inflation
RecessionLow Inflation
BoomHigh Inflation
BoomLow Inflation
Net Income after Taxes (Expansion)
Net Income after Taxes (No Expansion)
End-of-year Cash on Hand (Expansion)
End-of-year Cash on Hand (No Expansion)
Clustered column chart displaying data from the Summary Sheet
Copying Summary Sheet Data to the Clipboard
As you can with almost everything else in Microsoft Office, you can copy summary sheet data to other Office
applications (a Word document or PowerPoint slide, for example) by using the Clipboard. Follow these steps:
1. Select the data range you want to copy.
2. Right-click the mouse and select Copy from the resulting menu.
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