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In Depth Information
3. Open the Word document or PowerPoint presentation into which you want to copy.
4. Click your cursor where you want the upper-left corner of the copied data to be displayed.
5. Right-click the mouse and select Paste from the resulting menu. The data should now appear on
your document.
Ted and Alice are a young couple who have been living in an apartment for the first two years of their
marriage. They would like to buy their first house, but do not know if they would be able to make ends meet.
Ted works as a carpenter
s apprentice, and Alice is a customer service specialist at a local bank. In 2011,
s take-home salary was
$30,000. Ted gets a 2% raise every year, and Alice gets a 3% raise. Their apartment rent is $1,200 per month
($14,400 per year), but the lease is up for renewal and the landlord has said he will increase the rent for the
next lease.
Ted and Alice have been looking at houses and have found one that they can buy, but they will need to
borrow $200,000 for a mortgage. Their parents are helping them with the down payment and closing costs.
After talking to several lenders, Ted and Alice have learned that the state legislature is voting on a first-time
home buyers mortgage bond. If the bill passes, they will be able to get a 30-year fixed mortgage at 3%
interest. Otherwise, they will have to pay 6% interest on the mortgage.
Because of the depressed housing market, Ted and Alice are not figuring equity value into their
calculations. In addition, although the mortgage interest and real estate taxes will be deductible on their income
taxes, those deductions will not be higher than the standard allowable tax deduction, so they are not figuring
on any savings there either. Ted and Alice
take home
wages (after taxes and deductions) were $24,000, and Alice
s other living expenses (such as car payments, food, and medical
bills), the utilities expenses for either renting or buying, and estimated house maintenance expenses are
listed in the Constants section (see Figure C-32).
Ted and Alice
s primary concern is their cash on hand at the end of years 2012 and 2013. They are
thinking of starting a family, but they know it will be difficult without adequate savings.
Getting Started on the Practice Exercise
If you closed Excel after the first tutorial exercise, start Excel again
it will automatically open a new
workbook for you. If your Excel workbook from the first tutorial is still open, you may find it useful to start a new
worksheet in the same workbook. Then you can refer back to the first tutorial when you need to structure or
format the spreadsheet; the formatting of both exercises in this tutorial is similar. Set up your new worksheet
as explained in the following sections.
Constants Section
Your spreadsheet should have the constants shown in Figure C-32. An explanation of the line items follows
the figure.
Constants section
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