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itemize their deductions and pay less income tax. If the income tax savings are more than $1,500, they can
purchase the house even at the higher interest rate. In any case, because you did the DSS model for them,
Ted and Alice now have a quantitative basis to help them make a good decision.
Visual Impact: Charting the Results
Charts and graphs often add visual impact to a Scenario Summary. Using the data from the Scenario
Summary output table, try to create a chart similar to the one in Figure C-38 to illustrate the financial impact of
each outcome.
End-of-Year Cash On Hand, 2013
OccBond $
OccNo Bond $
OccBond $
OccNo Bond $
A 3-D clustered column chart created from Scenario Summary data
Printing and Submitting Your Work
Ask your instructor which worksheets need to be printed for submission. Make sure your printouts of the
spreadsheet, the Scenario Manager table, and the graph (if you created one) fit on one printed page apiece.
Click the File tab on the Ribbon, click the Print icon, and then click Page Setup at the bottom of the Print
Navigation pane. When the Page Setup dialog box opens, click the Page tab if it is not already open, then click
the Fit to radio button and select the setup that is 1 page wide by 1 page tall. Your spreadsheet, table, and
graph will be fitted to print on one page apiece.
This section reviews some basic operations in Excel and some tips for good work practices. Then you will
work through some cash flow calculations. Working through this section will help you complete the
spreadsheet cases in the following chapters.
Save Your Work Often
and in More Than One Place
To guard against data loss in case of power outages, computer crashes, and hard drive failure, it is always a
good idea to save your work to a separate storage device. Copying a file into two separate folders on the same
hard disk is not an adequate safeguard. If you are working on your college
s computer network and you have
assigned network storage, the network storage is usually
; in other words, it has duplicate drives
recording data to prevent data loss if the system goes down. However, most laptops and home computers lack
this feature. An excellent way to protect your work from accidental deletion is to purchase a USB
drive and copy all of your files to it.
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