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When you save your Excel files, Windows will usually store them in the Documents folder unless you specify the
storage location. Instead of just clicking the Save icon, a good idea is to click the File group in the Ribbon (or the
Office Button in Office 2007), then click the Save As icon. A dialog box will appear with icons on the left side, as
shown in Figure C-39. If you have previously saved your file to a particular location, it will appear in the Save in text
box at the top of the dialog box. To save the file in the same location, click Save. If your work is stored elsewhere,
you can find the location using the icons on the left side of the dialog box. If you are saving to a USB thumb drive, it
will appear as a storage device when you click the Computer icon. Click the folder where you want to save your file.
If you are trying an operation that might damage your spreadsheet and you do not want to use the Undo command, you can
use the Save As command, and then add a number or letter to the filename to save an additional copy to “play with.” Your
original work will be preserved.
The Save As dialog box
You will review the following topics: formatting cells, displaying the spreadsheet cell formulas, circular
reference errors, using the AND and OR logical operators in IF statements, and using nested IF statements to
produce more than two outcomes.
Formatting Cells
Cell Alignment
Headings for columns are usually centered, while numbers in cells are usually aligned to the right. To set the
alignment of cell data:
1. Highlight the cell or cell range to format.
2. Select the Home tab.
3. In the Alignment group, click the button representing the horizontal alignment you want for the
cell (Left Align, Center, or Right Align).
4. Also in the Alignment group, above the horizontal alignment buttons, click the vertical alignment
you want (Top Align, Middle Align, or Bottom Align). Middle Align is the most common vertical
alignment for cells.
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