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Cell Borders
Bottom borders are common for headings, and accountants include borders and double borders to indicate
subtotals and grand totals on spreadsheets. Sometimes it is also useful to put a
border around a table of
values or a section of a spreadsheet. To create borders:
1. Highlight the cell or cell range that needs a border.
2. Select the Home tab.
3. In the Font group, click the drop-down arrow of the Border icon. A menu of border selections
appears (see Figure C-40).
4. Choose the desired border for the cell or group of cells. Note that All Borders creates a box
border around each cell, while Outside Borders draws a box around a group of cells.
Selections in the Borders menu
Number Formats
For financial numbers, you usually use the Currency format. (Do not use the Accounting format, as it places
the $ sign to the far left side of the cell.) To apply the appropriate Currency format:
1. Highlight the cell or cell range to be formatted.
2. Select the Home tab.
3. In the Number group, select Currency in the Number Format drop-down list.
4. To set the desired number of decimal places, click the Increase Decimal or Decrease Decimal
button in the bottom-right corner of the group (see Figure C-41).
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