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Increase Decimal and Decrease Decimal buttons
If you do not know what a button does in Office, hover your mouse pointer over the button to see a
Format “Painting”
If you want to copy all the format properties of a certain cell to other cells, use the Format Painter. First,
select the cell whose format you want to copy. Then click the Format Painter button (the paintbrush icon) in
the Clipboard Group under the Home tab (see Figure C-42). When you click the button, the mouse pointer
turns into a paintbrush. Click the cell you want to reformat to copy all the formatting to it. To format multiple
cells, select the cell whose format you want to copy, and then click twice on the Format Painter button. The
mouse cursor will become a paintbrush, and the paint function will stay on so you can reformat as many cells
as you want. To turn off the Format Painter, click its button again or press the Esc key.
The Format Painter button
Showing the Excel Formulas in the Cells
Sometimes your instructor might want you to display or print the formulas in the spreadsheet cells. If you
want the spreadsheet cells to display the actual cell formulas, follow these steps:
1. While holding down the Ctrl key, press the key in the upper-left corner of the keyboard that
contains the back quote (`) and tilde (
). The spreadsheet will display the formulas in the cells.
The columns may also become quite wide
if so, do not resize them.
2. The Ctrl+`
key combination is also a toggle. To restore your spreadsheet back to the normal
cell contents, press Ctrl+`
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