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To complete the empty cells in rows 17 through 20, you can copy the formulas from cells G16 through
N16 to the rest of the rows. Click and drag to select cells G16 through N16, then right-click and select Copy
from the menu (see Figure D-11).
Copying formulas
Next, select cells G17 through N20, which are in the four rows beneath row 16. Either press Enter or
click Paste in the Clipboard group. The formulas from row 16 should be copied to the rest of the destination
cities (see Figure D-12).
Formulas from row 16 successfully copied to rows 17 through 20
You have one row of formulas to complete: the Totals row. You will use the AutoSum function to sum up
one column, and then copy the formula to the rest of the columns except cell M21. This cell is not actually a
total, but an overall capacity utilization rate.
To enter the sum of cells G16 through G20 in cell G21, select cells G16 through G21, then click AutoSum
in the Editing group on the right edge of the Ribbon (see Figure D-13).
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