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Go to the File tab to print the worksheets you created. Save the Excel file as CV Fitness Trucking
Problem.xlsx, then select the Save As command in the File tab to create a new file called CV Fitness
Trucking Problem 2.xlsx. You will use the new file in the next section.
Like all successful companies, CV Fitness looks for ways to grow its business and optimize its costs. Your
management team is considering two changes:
Opening two new stores and expanding the vehicle fleet if necessary
Improving product design and packaging to reduce the shipping volume of the treadmill from
22 cubic feet to 17 cubic feet
You have been asked to modify your model to see the new requirements for each change separately. The
two new stores are in Denver and Phoenix, and they are 1040 and 1470 miles from the Memphis plant,
respectively. If necessary, open the CV Fitness Trucking Problem 2.xlsx file, then right-click the 21 at the left
worksheet border to select row 21. Click Insert to enter a new row between rows 20 and 21. Repeat the steps
to insert a second new row. Your spreadsheet should look like Figure D-28. Do not worry about the borders
for now
you can fix them later.
Distance/Demand table with two blank rows inserted for the new stores
Enter the two new stores in cells B21 and B22, enter their distances in cells C21 and C22, and enter the
Store Demands in cells D21 through F22, as shown in Figure D-29.
Distance/Demand table with new store locations and demands entered
Next, copy the formulas from cells G20 to N20 to the two new rows in the Vehicle Loading and Cost
sections of the table. Select cells G20 to N20, right-click, and click Copy on the menu. Then select cells G21 to
N22 and click Paste in the Clipboard group. Your table should look like Figure D-30.
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