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The Solver Results window confirms that your truck fleet is too small, so add another truck to your fleet
and run Solver again. As you add more stores and vehicles to make the problem more complex, Solver will
take longer to run, especially on older computers. You may have to wait a minute or more for Solver to finish
its iterations and find an answer (see Figure D-38). In this example, Solver recommends that you use
13 trucks and six tractor-trailers.
Solver’s solution
Select Answer in the Reports list to add an Answer Report to the workbook, and then click OK. You can
keep or delete the old Answer Report 1 tab from the earlier workbook. The new Answer Report is in a new
worksheet named Answer Report 2.
You can meet the shipping requirements by adding one more truck, but is it really the most cost-effective
solution? What if you add a tractor-trailer instead? Set the number of trucks back to 12, and add a
tractortrailer by entering 7 instead of 6 in cell F6. Run Solver again.
This time Solver finds a less expensive solution, as shown in Figures D-39 and D-40. At first it does not
make sense
how can adding a more expensive vehicle (a tractor-trailer) reduce the overall expense? In fact,
the additional tractor-trailer has replaced two trucks. With seven tractor-trailers, you only need 11 trucks
instead of the original 13.
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