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Solver could not find a feasible solution because not enough vehicles were available
Setting a Constraint to a Single Amount
Sometimes you may want to enter an exact amount into a constraint, as opposed to a number in a range. For
example, if you wanted to assign exactly 11 trucks in the CV Fitness problem instead of a maximum of 12,
you would select the equals (
) operator in the Change Constraint dialog box, as shown in Figure D-51.
Constraining a value to a specific amount
Setting Changing Cells to Integers
Throughout the tutorial, you were directed to set the Changing Cells to integers in the Solver constraints. In
many business situations, there is a logical reason for demanding integer solutions, but this approach does
have disadvantages. Forcing integers can sometimes increase the amount of time Solver needs to find a
feasible solution. In addition, Solver sometimes can find a solution using real numbers in the Changing Cells
instead of integers. If Solver cannot find a feasible solution or reports that it has reached its calculation
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