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Be certain that you want to select the Reset All option before you use it. If you only want to edit, delete, or add a constraint,
use the Add, Delete, or Change button for that constraint.
Using the Solver Options Dialog Box
Solver has several internal settings that govern its search for an optimal answer. Click the Options button in
the Solver Parameters window to see the default selections for these settings, as shown in Figure D-54.
Solver Options dialog box with default settings (except Integer Optimality %)
You should not need to change the settings in the Options dialog box except for the default value of 5%
for Integer Optimality. When it is set at 5%, Solver will get within 5% of the optimal answer, but this setting
might not give you the lowest cost or highest income. Change the setting to 0 and click OK.
In more complex problems that have a dozen or more constraints, Solver may not find the optimal
solution within the default 100 seconds or 100 iterations. If so, a dialog box will prompt you to continue or
stop (see Figure D-55). If you have time, click Continue and let Solver keep working toward the best possible
solution. If Solver works for several minutes and still does not find the optimal solution, you can stop by
pressing the Ctrl and Break keys together. Click Stop in the resulting window.
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