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Prompt that appears when Solver reaches its maximum iteration limit
If you think that Solver needs more time and iterations to reach an optimal solution, you can increase
the Max Time and Iterations, but you should probably keep both values under 32,000.
Printing Cell Formulas in Excel
Earlier in the tutorial, you learned how to display cell formulas in your spreadsheet cells. Hold down the Ctrl
key and then press the ~ key; on most keyboards, this key is near the upper-left corner next to the
You can change the cell widths to see the entire formula by clicking and dragging the column by the dividing
lines between the column letters. See Figure D-56.
Spreadsheet with formulas displayed in the cells
To print the formulas, click the File tab and select Print. To restore the screen to its normal appearance
and display values instead of formulas, press Ctrl
~ again; the key combination is actually a toggle switch.
If you changed the column widths in the formula view, you might have to resize the columns after you
change back.
Solver Fatal Errors
When you run Solver, you might sometimes receive a message like the one shown in Figure D-57.
Solver “fatal” error
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