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Solver usually attempts to find a solution or reports why it cannot. When Solver reports a fatal error, the
root cause is difficult to troubleshoot. Possible causes include merged cells on the spreadsheet or printing
multiple Answer Reports after running Solver multiple times. In Excel 2007, a common solution to this error
was to remove the Solver add-in, close Excel, reopen it, and then reinstall Solver. If you encounter a fatal
error when using this topic, check with your instructor.
Sometimes Solver will generate strange results. Even when your cell formulas and constraints match the
ones your instructor has created, Solver
answers. You might have
entered your constraints into Solver in a different order, you may have changed some of the options in Solver,
or you may have specified real numbers instead of integers for the constraints (or vice versa). Also, the
solving method you selected and the amount of time you gave Solver to work can affect the final answer. If your
solution is close to the one posted by your instructor, but not exactly the same, show the instructor your
setup in the Solver Parameters window. Solver is a powerful tool, but it is not infallible
s answers might not match the
ask your instructor
for guidance if necessary.
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