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Assignment 2A: Using Your Workbook to Gather Data
Use your consolidated workbook and the printouts you created in Assignment 1B to create a summary table
of results that you will place in your memo. The easiest way to make this table is to create a new worksheet
in your workbook, and then copy and paste the new table into your memo. The table format is shown in
Figure 8-11.
Format of table to be used in memo
A 3-D column chart of the expected net income will add visual impact to your presentation. You can
insert the chart in the same worksheet as the table, as shown in Figure 8-12. To start a chart, select your four
model headings in the table (cells C4 to F4), and then hold down the Ctrl key to select the four Expected Net
Income after Taxes cells (cells C13 to F13). Next, click the Insert tab on the Ribbon. In the Charts group,
click Column, and then select 3-D Column from the menu.
Selecting a 3-D column chart to insert in your worksheet
A 3-D column chart is placed in the worksheet. Click it to select it, and then reposition the chart beneath
your table. Enter an appropriate title for the chart. You can watch the chart values become columns as you
fill in the Expected Net Income after Taxes cells (see Figure 8-13).
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