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Inputs section
Tuition And Fees
This value is the current year
s tuition and fees for the school of interest.
Room And Board
s cost of room and board at the school of
interest. Assume that this cost would be about the same if the student had an apartment.
This value is the current year
Books And Supplies—This value is the expected cost of books and supplies for the current year
at the school of interest.
Cost Increases—These values are the expected rates of cost increases at the school of interest.
Most colleges are fairly predictable about these increases. In the example shown, the school is
expected to increase tuition and fees 10% each year.
College Grad Salary & Benefits—This value is the expected average salary and benefits for this
year’s graduates, for the school and degree of interest.
Number Of Years In College
This value is the number of years that the student expects to need
to graduate with the degree sought. Enter a number between 4 and 6.
Work Region—This value is the area of the country where the graduate expects to work. You
can enter abbreviations for Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest, and Midwest.
High School Grad Salary & Benefits—This value is the current starting yearly salary and benefits
for a person who went to work out of high school instead of attending college.
Low Risk Investment Rate—This value is the assumed rate for a safe long-term investment.
You should appropriately format the cells for numbers, currency, text, or percentages, as shown in the
example. Your instructor may require you to insert a comment in one or more cells, and/or use conditional
formatting in one or more cells. In the example spreadsheet, a comment appears in the Number Of Years In
College cell (“Enter a number between 4 and 6”). The presence of the comment is indicated by the diamond
in the upper-right corner of the cell; to see the comment, place the mouse cursor over the diamond. To enter
a comment, right-click the cell and choose Insert Comment from the menu. To use conditional formatting,
click the Home tab, click Conditional Formatting in the Styles group, and then select Highlight Cell Rules
from the menu. For example, you can build a rule that shows the Number Of Years In College cell in red if
the user enters a value that is greater than 6.
Summary of Key Results Section
Your worksheet should include the key results shown in Figure 10-2. The values are echoed from other
locations in your spreadsheet. An explanation of the line items follows the figure.
Summary of Key Results section
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