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Enter the inputs for Low pay, varying the interest rate as you go. Observe the NPV values in the Key
Results area, and then manually record them in a data collection area at the top of the Inputs area. Change
the high school graduate salary for Medium pay, vary the interest rate, and record the data. Do the same for
High pay. In the end, you should record nine data points. Copy the data to a new worksheet for graphing
purposes, and name the sheet 3 HS Jobs. Create a chart from the data.
Pay close attention to the 4% data values. Does it make sense to take any of the high school graduate jobs
if the investment rate is 4%? Make a note of your answer on the face of the spreadsheet or on paper. You will
record your answer in a memo later.
When you finish gathering data for the four questions, print the model
s worksheet for any set of inputs.
Print the chart worksheets if your instructor requires it. Then save the spreadsheet one last time.
Assignment 2B: Documenting Your Findings and Recommendation in a Memo
Now you will document your findings in a memo, which should answer the four questions from the previous
section. Use the following tips for guidance in preparing your memo in Microsoft Word:
Your memo should have proper headings such as Date, To, From, and Subject. You can address
the memo to the
prospective college student.
You should set up your memo as discussed in
Tutorial E.
Briefly outline the situation. However, you need not provide much background
you can assume
that readers are familiar with the situation.
List and then answer the four questions in the body of the memo.
What general rule can you cite for the value of a high school degree versus a college education?
When is one financially preferable to the other? State your conclusion, referring to your
research of the four questions as support.
Include tables and/or charts to support your claims, as your instructor specifies. Tutorial E
explains how to create a table in Microsoft Word.
Your instructor may also request that you summarize your analysis and results in an oral presentation. If so,
assume that the student is impressed by your analysis and has asked you to give a presentation to her family
to explain the results. Prepare to talk to the group for 10 minutes or less. Use visual aids or handouts that
you think are appropriate. Tutorial F provides guidance for how to prepare and give an oral presentation.
Assemble the following deliverables for your instructor:
1. Printout of your memo
2. Spreadsheet printouts
3. Flash drive or CD that contains your Word file and Excel file
Staple the printouts together with the memo on top. If you have more than one .xlsx file on your flash
drive or CD, write your instructor a note that identifies your spreadsheet model
s .xlsx file.
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