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Create a new worksheet and name it PERatio. Import the PERatio query output into the worksheet and
format the data appropriately. Compute the unweighted average PE ratio for each year. (Use the AVERAGE
function, and do not weight PE ratio values by outstanding shares.) Summarize the average PE ratio data by
year in a convenient spot in the worksheet, and then copy that data to the Plot Index worksheet. Create a
scatter plot of the yearly values with a proper title and axis labels. Use the CORREL function to show the
strength of the relationship between the index and average PE ratio data. Place the formula in a spot that lets
you see the relationship easily.
In this assignment, you write a memo in Microsoft Word that documents your findings. You should describe
the task that exchange management assigned to you, and then state your findings.
In your memo, observe the following requirements:
Your memo should have proper headings such as Date, To, From, and Subject. You can address
the memo to the exchange management. Set up the memo as discussed in Tutorial E.
Briefly outline the situation. However, you need not provide much background
you can assume
that readers are generally familiar with your task.
In the body of the memo, describe the index you have computed in Excel. You can present this
index numerically, with a chart, or both.
Then indicate how well the average EPS and average PE values correlate with the brewery index
data. Include the correlation data; again, you can support this data numerically, with a chart,
or both.
You can display important results in tables. Tutorial E describes how to create a table in
Microsoft Word.
Assemble the following deliverables for your instructor:
1. Printout of your memo
2. Spreadsheet printouts, if required by your instructor
3. Electronic media such as flash drive or CD, which should include your Word file, Access file, and
Excel file
Staple the printouts together with the memo on top. If you have more than one .xlsx file or .accdb file on
your electronic media, write your instructor a note that identifies this assignment
s files.
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