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Tutorial E: Guidance for Excel Cases
The headings have acquired drop-down menu tabs, as you can see in Figure E-3.
You can sort the data table records by any field. Perhaps you want to sort by times. If so, click the
dropdown menu in the TIME (MIN) heading, select Sort, and then select Smallest to Largest. You get the results
shown in Figure E-4.
Sorting list by drop-down menu
You can see that Peebles had the best time and Doltz had the worst time. You also can sort from Largest
to Smallest.
In addition, you can sort by more than one criterion. Assume that you want to sort first by gender and
then by time (within gender). You first sort from Smallest to Largest in Gender. Then you again click the
Gender drop-down tab, select Sort By Color, and select Custom Sort. In the Sort window that appears,
click Add Level and choose Time as the next criterion. See Figure E-5.
Sorting on multiple criteria
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