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Tutorial E: Guidance for Excel Cases
Click OK to get the results shown in Figure E-6.
Sorting by gender and time (within gender)
You can see that Harris had the best female time and that Peebles had the best male time.
Perhaps you want to see the top n listings for some attribute; for example, you may want to see the top
five runners
s drop-down menu, and select Number Filters. From the menu
that appears, select Top 10. The Top 10 AutoFilter window appears, as shown in Figure E-7.
times. Select the Time column
Top 10 AutoFilter window
This window lets you specify the number of values you want. In Figure E-7, five values were specified.
Click OK to get the results shown in Figure E-8.
Top 5 times
The output contains more than five data records because there are ties at 100 minutes. If you want to
see all of the records again, click the Time drop-down menu and select Clear Filter. The full table of data
reappears, as shown in Figure E-9.
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