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Suppose you have data for a company
s sales transactions by month, by salesperson, and by amount for each
product type. You would like to display each salesperson
s total sales by type of product sold and by month.
You can use a pivot table in Excel to tabulate that summary data. A pivot table is built around one or more
dimensions and thus can summarize large amounts of data. Figure E-12 shows total sales cross-tabulated by
salesperson and by month.
Excel spreadsheet data
You can create pivot tables and many other kinds of tables with the Excel PivotTable tool. To create a
pivot table from the data in Figure E-12, follow these steps:
1. Starting in the spreadsheet in Figure E-12, click a cell in the data range, and then click the
Insert tab. In the Tables group, choose PivotTable. You see the screen shown in Figure E-13.
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