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The data is the same as that shown in Figure E-1, except that Figure E-18 includes a column for the
height in inches.
MIN and MAX Functions
The MIN function determines the smallest value in a range of data. The MAX function returns the largest. Say
that we want to know the fastest time for all runners, which would be the minimum time in column G. The
MIN function computes the smallest value in a set of values. The set of values could be a data range, or it
could be a series of cell addresses separated by commas. The syntax of the MIN function is as follows:
MIN(set of data)
To show the minimum time in cell C16, you would enter the formula shown in the formula bar in
Figure E-19:
MIN function in cell C16
(Assume that you typed the label
into cell A16.) You can see that the fastest time is
63 minutes.
To see the slowest time in cell G16, use the MAX function, whose syntax parallels that of the MIN
function, except that the largest value in the set is determined. See Figure E-20.
MAX function in cell G16
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