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You may be speaking behind a podium or standing beside a projection screen, or both. If you feel
uncomfortable standing in one place and you can walk without blocking the audience
s view of the screen, feel free
to move around. You can emphasize a transition by changing your position. If you tend to fidget, shift, or rock
from one foot to the other, try to anchor yourself. A favorite technique of some speakers is to come from
behind the podium and place one hand on the side of it while speaking. They get the anchoring effect of the
podium while removing the barrier it places between them and the audience. Use the stance or technique
that makes you feel most comfortable, as long as your posture or actions do not distract the audience.
As you draft your presentation, repeat key points to emphasize them. For example, suppose your main
point is that outsourcing labor will provide the greatest gains in net income. Begin by previewing that concept,
and state that you will demonstrate how outsourcing labor will yield the biggest profits. Then provide statistics
that support your claim, and show visual aids that graphically illustrate your point. Summarize by repeating
your point:
As you can see, outsourcing labor does yield the biggest profits.
Relying on Graphics to Support Your Talk
As you write the main body, think of how to integrate graphics into your presentation. Do not waste words
with a long description if a graphic can bring instant comprehension. For instance, instead of describing how
information from a query can be turned into a report, show the query and a completed report. Figures F-1
and F-2 illustrate an Access query and the resulting report.
Access query
Access report
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