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In Depth Information
The chart contains a great deal of information. Putting the $100,000 loan payments and $150,000
payments in the same
may confuse the readers. They would probably find it easier to understand one
chart that summarizes the $100,000 loan (see Figure F-12) and a second chart that covers the $150,000 loan.
Payments on $100,000 Loan
Interest Rate
360 Payments
180 Payments
Good balance of information
You could then augment the charts with text that summarizes the main differences between the
payments for each loan amount. In that fashion, the reader is led step by step through the analysis.
Excel no longer has a Chart Wizard; instead, the Insert tab includes a Charts group. Once you create a
chart and click it, three chart-specific tabs appear under a Chart Tools heading in the Ribbon to assist you
with chart design, layout, and formatting. If you are unfamiliar with the charting tools in Excel, ask your
instructor for guidance or refer to the many Excel tutorials on the Web.
Creating PowerPoint Presentations
PowerPoint presentations are easy to create. When you open PowerPoint, it starts a new presentation for you.
You can select from many different themes, styles, and slide layouts by clicking the Design tab. If none of
from Microsoft Office online.
When choosing a theme and style for your slides, such as background colors or graphics, fonts, and fills, keep
the following guidelines in mind:
s default themes suit you, you can download theme
In older versions of PowerPoint, users were advised to avoid pastel backgrounds or theme colors,
and to keep their slide backgrounds dark. Because of the increasing quality of graphics in both
computer hardware and projection systems, most of the default themes in PowerPoint will
project well and be easy to read.
If your projection screen is small or your presentation room is large, consider using boldface type
for all of your text to make it readable from the back of the room. If you have time to visit the
presentation site beforehand, bring your PowerPoint file, project a slide on the screen, and look at
it from the back row of the audience area. If you can read the text, the font is large enough.
Use transitions and animations to keep your presentation lively, but do not go overboard with
them. Swirling letters and pinwheeling words can distract the audience from your presentation.
It is an excellent idea to animate the text on your slides with entrance effects so that only one bullet
pointappearsatatimewhenyouclickthemouse (or when you tap the screen using a
touchsensitive board). This approach prevents your audience from reading ahead of the bullet point being
discussed and keeps their attention on you. Entrance effects can be incorporated and managed using
the Add Animation button in PowerPoint 2010, as shown in Figures F-13 and F-14.
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