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Busy slide
Slide with appropriate number of bullet points and a supporting photo
You may find that you have created more slides than you have time to present, and you are unsure of which
slides you should delete. Some may have data that an audience member might ask about. Fortunately, PowerPoint
lets you
them in
Normal view. Hiding slides is an excellent way to keep detailed data handy in case your audience asks to see it.
Figure F-19 shows how to hide a slide in a PowerPoint presentation. Click the slide you want to hide, right-click the
mouse, and then click Hide Slide in the menu to mark the slide as hidden in the presentation. To unhide the slide,
click it, right-click the mouse, and click Unhide Slide from the menu. Click the slide to display it in Slide Show view.
slides; these hidden slides will not be displayed in Slide Show view unless you
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