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Data for the Hours Worked table
Notice that salaried employees are always given 40 hours. Nonsalaried employees (including you) might
work any number of hours. For your record, enter your fictitious employee ID, 60 hours worked for Week 1,
and 55 hours worked for Week 2.
Because you know how to create basic queries, this section explains the advanced queries you will create in
the cases in this topic.
Using Calculated Fields in Queries
A calculated field is an output field made up of other field values. A calculated field is not a field in a table; it
is created in the query generator. The calculated field does not become part of the table
it is just part of the
query output. The best way to understand this process is to work through an example.
Suppose you want to see the employee IDs and wage rates of hourly workers, and the new wage rates if all
employees were given a 10 percent raise. To view that information, show the employee ID, the current wage
rate, and the higher rate, which should be titled New Rate in the output. Figure B-11 shows how to set up
the query.
Query setup for the calculated field
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