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Note in Figure B-11 that the Show box for the field is not checked, so the Salaried field values will not appear
in the query output.
Note the expression for the calculated field, which you can see in the far-right field cell:
To set up this query, you need to select hourly workers by using the Salaried field with Criteria
New Rate: 1.1 * [Wage Rate]
t forget the colon.) The rest of the
expression, 1.1 * [Wage Rate], multiplies the old wage rate by 110 percent, which results in the 10 percent
In the expression, the field name Wage Rate must be enclosed in square brackets. Remember this rule:
Any time an Access expression refers to a field name, the expression must be enclosed in square brackets.
If you run this query, your output should resemble that in Figure B-12.
The term New Rate: merely specifies the desired output heading. (Don
Output for a query with calculated field
a number with
digits after the decimal point. To convert the output to Currency format, select the output column by clicking
the line above the calculated field expression. The column darkens to indicate its selection. Your data entry
screen should resemble the one shown in Figure B-13.
Notice that the calculated field output is not shown in Currency format, but as a Double
Activating a calculated field in query design
Then, on the Design tab header, click Property Sheet in the Show/Hide group. The Field Properties
window appears, as shown on the right in Figure B-14.
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