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7. Create an Update query that gives certain workers a merit raise. First, you must create an
additional table, as shown in Figure B-61.
Merit Raises table
8. Create a query that adds the Merit Raise to the current Wage Rate for employees who will
receive a raise. When you run the query, you should be prompted with You are about to update
two rows. Check the original Wage Data table to confirm the update. Before creating your query,
use the table shown in Figure B-62 to work out your QBE grid on paper.
Update to
QBE grid template
Database packages let you make attractive management reports from a table
output. If you are making a report from a table, the Access report generator looks up the data in the table and
puts it into report format. If you are making a report from a query
s records or from a query
s output, Access runs the query in the
background (you do not control it or see it happen) and then puts the output in report format.
There are different ways to make a report. One method is to hand-craft the report from scratch in Design
view, but this tedious process is not explained in this tutorial. A simpler way is to select the query or table on
which the report is based and then click Create Report. This streamlined method of creating reports is
explained in this tutorial.
Creating a Grouped Report
This tutorial assumes that you already know how to create a basic ungrouped report, so this section teaches
you how to make a grouped report. If you do not know how to create an ungrouped report, you can learn by
following the first example in the upcoming section.
Suppose you want to create a report from the Hours Worked table. Select the table by clicking it once. Click
the Create tab, then click Report in the Reports group. A report appears, as shown in Figure B-63.
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